Past Work

Teapotty: Papier-mâché

  Papier-mâché teapot  Completed teapot. 

It's surprisingly strong and very light!
  Papier-mâché teapot under construction I used the plaster moulds I'd already created to make wax teapots.

I covered the mould surfaces with Vaseline and then pasted in several layers of bits of ripped-up newspaper using wallpaper paste.

At one stage, I put the moulds in an oven to try and accelerate the drying process.  I filled the half-teapots with sand so they didn't start curling as they dried - hence the mucky look in this photo.
  paper mache teapot I had to do a bit of extra pasting of bits of newspaper around the top of the teapot to provide an appropriate shape for the lid to it in.

I made the lid in a similar way to the body - using the 2-part plaster mould that I'd made for wax teapots.

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