Past Work


This is experimental at present. 

I want to express my frustration about not being able to talk about something; I can't explain this any further because I can't talk about it!

Anyhow, as this is personal I've decided to start with the moulds of my face that I made 2 or 3 years ago.  At the time, I used the moulds to make some terracotta and glass faces and then parked things until I had some further ideas.

I'm now seeing whether the moulds could be a starting point for expressing my frustration.  So I'll start my usual photo journal:

  Flaky wax mask of Peter Heywood's face  27th October:  I made these 3 wax masks by dribbling molten wax into a concave Gelfex mould of my face. 

I discovered that you could get a sort of onion-skin, multi-layer effect by swilling the molten wax around mould, letting it solidify, deliberately cracking it by bending the mould, and then repeating it all over again.

  Convex wax mask of Peter Heywood I think I prefer the first mask I created (left), which had less cycles of swirling and cracking.
  Concave wax mask of Peter Heywood I also tried dripping wax over the reciprocal, convex Gelflex mould.  So this mask is concave, even though it may not look like it in this photo.

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