Past Work

Saggar Ceramics

An experiment with a different firing method.  I managed to miss the first session where students made tubular containers out of layers of newspaper and clay slip which were then left to dry for a week.  The containers were formed using cardboard tubes that were removed prior to drying. The objects had previously been biscuit fired but weren't glazed.
 Preparing for Saggar firinf ceramicsThis is a head I made a year or two ago while playing with clay with grandchildren. 

It's inside a clay-and-newspaper tube and I'm packing stuff in and around it - stuff in this case being sawdust, copper carbonate (the green stuff in the photo), seaweed, bits of copper, straw, bits of cloth - almost anything!
 Saggar firing ceramicsThe containers and contents were fired in the same oil-barrel type kilns used for raku.
 Saggar firing ceramic headEnd result.  I like the way it's accentuated its aged look.
 Sagar firing ceramic potA pot I made specially for the experiment.  I burnished (polished) the surface of the clay when it was leather hard, prior to biscuit firing.

The line around the neck comes from copper wire.  I used some much other stuff I can't really connect cause and effect with anything else!

I like the overall effect, though!

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