Past Work

Energy from Waste Sculpture

This is what I've proposed for a sculpture near the entrance of Plymouth's energy from waste incinerator. 

It aims to capturs the idea of safeguarding the environment for future generations by everybody doing their bit.

I'm waiting to hear the outcome.

  Proposed sculpture for Plymouth Energy-from-Waste plant The project is based around a circular area of paving.

On the side adjacent the road there is a curved wall, possibly a retaining wall supporting the bank, clad with 340 tiles painted by every pupil from Weston Mill Primary School.

 In the middle of the paved area there are a 3 dustbins anchored to the base slab envisioned by MVV.  Each dustbin supports a giant plant comprising a stalk (probably a second-hand sailing mast which are cheap to buy on eBay) foliage (probably formed from scrap metal painted green) and a seed-head, formed from decorated scrap plastic bottles mounted on a metal frame in such a way that it forms a spherical shape and spins in the wind.

Plants growing out of dustbins prompts thoughts of harnessing waste to produce a greener environment.

 The use of scrap  plastic bottles and metal to make something elegant and fun (the spinning seed-heads) reinforces this message.  The use of second-hand sailing masts adds a (small) maritime reference.

  Seed head sculpture made from scrap plastic bottles  The inspiration for the scrap plastic bottle seed-head comes from one above the entrance of Westminster City School in London
  Visualisation of sculpture for EfW plant in Plymouth The project addresses 2 audiences drivers on the road and people on foot at creek level.



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