Past Work

Badger Man

I made this sculpture in bits - head, body, arms, hands - while I was doing ceramics evening classes with Jenni Phillips.  It's stuck together with Gripfill and inserted into an old badger hole.   It's looking up at people that peer over the back wall of our garden.


The head is a bit too small for the body, which is almost life-size. 

I glazed it with "turquoise velum" and rather over-did rubbing it off to get a worn look.  Still, it looks okay.

I caught children throwing stones at it one day, but it has survived for quite a few years now.

This is Version 2 of Badger Man.  

Version 1 exploded in the kiln.  It had a better sized head which survived the explosion and is now on a stick near the Cascade, reminding me of Lord of the Flies.

  Earlier version of badger man by Peter Heywood The head of version 1 of badger man, by Peter Heywood
The surviving head, near the bog garden at the top of the cascade
  Version 1 of Badger Man, which exploded when fired

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