Past Work


 Clay shell before raku firing

 Shell after raku firing
 I made this shell by creating 2 hemispheres of clay and joining them together to form the ball you can see in the middle of this shell.  When it had hardened a bit, I cut the ball, pulled one side of the cut out and developed the rest of the shell wall on it.
 After biscuit firing, I brought the shell along to a raku firing session.  I decided to paint with slip, then make markings on it with wax before painting it with a copper oxide glaze.  This is how it came out of the raku  process.
 Dark colour after slip removed from raku fired shell Cast glass stand for ceramic shell made by Peter Heywood
 The outer coat fell off, as planned.  I liked the mottled pattern on the inside of the shell but thought the outside was too dark.  I plan to re-glaze the whole thing when college restarts in late September.
 I made this glass stand for the shell by making one in Sculpey and then using it to make a mould in casting clay. The shell fits on its perfectly and it looks very elegant!

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