Past Work

Clown Fish in Coral

This was inspired by Apple's screen saver although the colours are ones that fit in with our decor in the lounge.
 It's 48-cm-diameter - ie fairly big. 

Ceramic clown fish in coral polyps by Peter Heywood

 Clay polyps for ceramic sculpture by Peter Heywood  Base plate for clown fish sculpture by Peter Heywood
 I made a lot of polyps
  I had to make the base plate in two halves so that it would fit in the kiln.  The little pipes sticking up were to locate the polyps - they broke off rather easily.

The glaze colours were a bit of a disappointment.  I chose a lighter colour turquoise for the tops of the polyps and a much darker one for the bottom of the stems and the base plate.  As you can see, it all came out the same colour, quite a bit lighter than intended.

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