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Past Work - Light Waves

This was my unsuccessful entry for the "Inspired by" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2012.  

It had to be inspired by something in the museum and I chose Edmund de Waal's "Signs and Wonders" as the starting point.  I aimed to make a section of the curved channel in the dome of the V&A using segments.

The design evolved into a wave on a lit base, all in cast glass.

 Cast glass waves by Peter Heywood  Light bouncing around cast glass wave segments
 Six wave segments sitting on a hollow base. 
  Lots of work involved in making the moulds and
grinding the glass afterwards.
 Cast glass base with slots in the top to let light up into the wave segments 72 light emitting diodes on an aluminium plate, which acts as a heat sink 
 The base has slots in the top to let light shoot up and bounce around in the wave segments.
  Strips of light emitting diodes stuck to an aluminium  base plate.  The base is on rubber feet so the plate acts as a heat sink, keeping the LEDs cool.

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