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Past Work - Column

This is just outside my workshop next to our drive.   The inspiration for it comes from Trajan's Column in Rome and M.C. Escher's drawing of people ascending and descending a staircase.

Ceramic column, inspired by Trajan's Column in Rome and an Escher drawing of people climbing steps.

 A segment of the ceramic column made by Peter Heywood A model of a man laughing, at the top of the column by Peter Heywood 
 I made each segment by wrapping sheets of clay around an oil drum wrapped with carpet under-felt and polythene.  I made plaster moulds to stamp out the figures which I then stuck on to the clay with slip.  I added a tug of war,  hands pulling a rope, after doing the Escher stuff.
 I inserted discs between the segments to disguise the fact that I couldn't get the men walking up the steps to match up perfectly.  The whole column has a threaded steel rod running through it, with nuts on top of each disc, to keep it upright and safe.  The man on top was made in bits and then assembled using Gripfill

 Column next to the  

  I've added this photo to illustrate the results of a tutorial with Chris Taylor, ceramics lecturer at Plymouth College of Art.  Chris quizzed me on why I'd put the column in this location as a way of demonstrating that I need to analyse the context of the sculptures I make early on in the development process.

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