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Past Work - The Music Goes Round and Around

This is my biggest wooden sculpture.  It's just over a metre high.

The Music Goes Round and Around, wooden sculpture by Peter Heywood

It's part of a cherry tree - the top of the trunk where the branches start to fan out - that fell over in our neighbour's garden in Surrey.

I started carving it a couple of months before we moved to Cornwall in 2007 and didn't actually finish it until 2009, partly because it got put in store for a while and partly because it took forever, particularly getting it smooth.

  Early stage of Music Goes Round by Peter Heywood Late stage of   
  April 2007 - just getting started while still in Surrey
  2009 - carving mostly done, the boring bit (smoothing) lies ahead.  In Cornwall.

I have other bits of the tree, some of which I've carved.

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