Past Work

"Wise" Paperweights: Stamped Blocks

This is page 3 of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" paperweights, which come from experimenting with different ways of batch-producing objects for sale, as part of a college assignment called "Design for Industry".

The blocks on this page were made by pouring molten glass into a graphite box and then stamping a carved graphite face into the top surface. 

 These paperweights were made by Peter Heywood by stamping molten glass After annealing the bottom surface had to be ground and polished (because that's the side you look through). 

As a result, they took a little longer to produce than the "hot blocks" on page 2 but the faces didn't stick in the glass and the sides weren't distorted.

 I concluded that this was the best way of batch producing these particular objects.

 Peter Heywood stamping molten glass with a carved graphite face  The carved graphite heads used by peter heywood to stamp the molten glass
 Stamping the molten glass

I made the stamps by screwing handles onto the
 graphite heads I used previously to make "hot blocks".

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