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Past Work - Thirty Works 2021 - Third 10

Part 3 of my submissions for an exercise that calls on me to produce a new work of art for each day of April 2021
Here's a link to Part 1
Here's a link to Part 2

Day 21: What's your responsibility as a maker?
A line of masks, with the eyes moving in one of them
Title: Experiment!
(Different context for some existing masks made for my automata projects)

Day 22: You're on a TV show as "an artist". 
Make a work that sums you up for commercial reasons.
30 works made by Peter Heywood
Title: Me 

Day 23: What does failure look like to you?
Blank page in a sketch book
Title: Failure to Act

Day 24: Use wikiHow to learn a new skill and make a work with it
Animated drawing

Title: It's not the thought that counts
(wikiHow is boring so I tried to go a bit further with creating an animated drawing using Photoshop)

Day 25: What is your work's arch-nemesis?
Paisley pattern
Title: Pretty.  Or Pretty What?

Day 26: Write a review of one of your previous works
Optic art wave simulator

Title: Wave - Reviewed and Improved
(This started out a caterpillar automaton that was morphed into a wave simulator in last year's 30/30.
 Since then I've been thinking of giving it an op-art painting job. 
The prompt encouraged me to go ahead)

Day 27: Make a work to give to someone else, and then give it to them.
Seagull clothes peg automaton
Title: Seagull Automaton

Day 28: What have you learnt about yourself and your practice?
What from this four weeks do you want to carry on?
Make a commitment.
Wood carving tools in front of logs for sculpture project
Title: Commit!

Day 30: Try making that work you've been wanting to make over the past month and never got around to making.
wiggly fish automaton made from recycled marine plastic
Title: Wiggly fish automaton made from recycled marine plastic
(I was disappointed that the fish I made on Day 8 wasn't self-supporting.
I solved this by mounting it on a piano wire crankshaft inside a recycled plastic box.)

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