Past Work

"Wise" Paperweights: Hot Blocks

This is page 2 of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" paperweights, which come from experimenting with different ways of batch-producing objects for sale, as part of a college assignment called "Design for Industry".

The blocks on this page were made by pouring molten glass on top of a face carved in graphite placed in a box made from graphite blocks.  It's quick and produces a polished surface that needs no further work. 

 2 sets of blocks made by pouring molten glass onto a carved graphite face in a graphite box Graphite mould used by Peter Heywood to make
  Levering the carving out of the glass when it's really hot sometimes results in the blocks getting deformed.  But the light bounces around them nicely.  The faces have to be far less detailed and have no undercuts, to prevent the carvings sticking in the glass.

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