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Past Work - Thirty Works 2021 - Second 10

Part 2 of my submissions for an exercise that calls on me to produce a new work of art for each of the 30 days of April 2021.
Here's a link to Part 1.

Day 11: Take an old work and make it more commercial
Ink sandwiched between acetate sheets
Title: Bargain!

Day 12:  Collaborate with someone else today

Collage comprising multiple images of Duke of Edinburgh, recently deceased
Title: Collaboration
(Image transfer collage done with my son, Tom Heywood, in the aftermath of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh)

Day 13: Remake yesterday's work

Collage of Duke of Edinburgh (RIP) and Queen Elizabeth
Title: Parted
(A second collage of Queen Elizabeth and "intercut" with yesterday's work)

Day 14: Don't make anything today.  Just send a description of what you would make
A box, cylindical container and latex glove
Title: Key Components for a Mystery Project

Day 15:  Does it take the path of least resistance?

Inflated latex glove making a v sign

Title: Resistance is Futile

Day 16: The prompt went on and on but in essence it meant "do something quick"
Self portrait with my eyes closed, using my non-dominant hand
Title: Me
(4 minute self portrait done with my eyes shut, feeling my face and drawing with my non-dominant hand)

Day 17:  Experiment with ways to document your work
Shadow puppets
Title: Shadow Puppets - Prototype
(Suggest by my grand-daughter, Cleo Heywood, and made in conjunction with her)

Day 18: Is there a bit of art-related admin you've been putting off? 
Of course there is! Maybe do that today?
(How could that inspire the work you make?)

I decided the art related admin was recording this exercise on this website.
So I created this video called 18 works/18 seconds:

Day 19: Try cheating today
Animated drawing of me cheating

Title: Anybody Looking?
(I took a video of myself looking as though I was up to no good in response to the same prompt last year
This year, I took 20 stills from the video and converted them into a rather jerky animated drawing  using Photoshop)

Day 20: Take the unsolicited advice about your work
Pixelated screen of Zoom meeting

Title: Did I Ask for This?
(Tough to get advice without asking for it.  Decided it sometimes happened in Zoom meetings )

Please click on this LINK to see the third and final batch of 10!

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