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30 Day Sketchbook Challenge 2021

Day 1: Beads & Buttons                               
Day 2: Teapots
Day 3: Biscuits
Day 4: Octopus or Jelly Fish
Day 5: Hooks & Handles
Very ornate handle of a cupboard
that's something of a family heirloom
Day 6: Under the sink
In the flat in Looe
 Under the sink 
Day 7: The number 7
 Seven green bottes 
Day 8: My Favourite Drink
Tap water

Day 9: Something wooden
 Wooden mechanism for automaton 
Day 10: Something green
Made from paper cut-outs
 Green op art 
Day 11: Paint
I don't see why he should have
exclusive rights to use Vantablack
paintin his works of art
 Anish Kapoor 
Day 12: Inside my pocket
 Inside my pocket 
 Day 13: Shopping
Me outside the Co-op in Looe
during the 3rd pandemic lockdown
Day 14: Something beginning with C
Trying a pun - cock off a knee
Day 15: Something New
Completed clothes peg automaton
 Clothes peg automaton 
 Day 16: Something Old
My mother, Betty, in her prime. 
She would have been 102 on 16th January 2021
 Betty Heywood 
 Day 17: Baskets & Hampers
Day 18: Reptile
Day 19: Lamps & Lampshades

Day 20: Jewellery
Day 21: Back to School
In the third lockdown of the Covid 19 pandemic
 Back to school 
 Day 22: Hands
Beryl's and mine
 Day 23: Sun and Moon
Inspired by Mary Shelley's description of "moonlight struggling though" her bedroom window on 16th June 1816, which led to her writing Frankenstein
 Moonlight on a bed 
Day 24: Something to Sit On
 The chair I used to sit on when doing my homework.  It came back in to my life 40 or so years later
 when we moved to Looe in 2007
Day 25: Famous Landmark
Sketched on a lovely sunny morning
while on my daily walk around Looe
 Looe Banjo Pier 
 Day 26: In the Laboratory
A technician concentrating on her task
 Beryl wearing a mask and safety glasses
peering down on me
 Laboratory technician concentrating 
 Day 27: The Forest
Kilminorth Woods, Looe
Painted from a photo taken on another of my walks
 Kilminorth Wood picture 
 Day 28: Disposable
Recent announcement that Debenhams
 would close all of its shops and
12,000 staff members would lose their jobs
 Picture of Debenham's demise 
 Day 29: Dance Water colour painting of dancers 
 Day 30: Your Sketchbook
 Summary of 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge 

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