Past Work

"Wise" Paperweights: Kiln Cast

This is the first of three pages of these "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"  paperweights, which come from experimenting with different ways of batch-producing objects for sale, as part of a college assignment called "Design for Industry". 

The blocks on this page were cast in a kiln, quite a laborious process of mould making,  but the end result is highly detailed.

  These were made by placing clay faces inside boxes which were then filled with Gelflex to make rubber moulds.

The rubber moulds could then be used over and over again to make flint and plaster moulds for casting the glass (pale steel blue Gaffer).

After casting, I rounded off the edges.

 Gelflex and fint-and-plaster moulds used to cast glass blocks by peter heywood

   The size of the kiln-cast glass paperweights made by Peter Heywood
The Gelflex mould (left) can make multiple flint-and-plaster moulds (right).

  The blocks are quite small - 80mm x 60mm x 35mm 

   See no evil glass block by Peter Heywood   Hear no evil glass block by Peter Heywood       

Speak no evil glass block by Peter Heywood

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