Past Work

Teapotty: Chocolate

  Chocolate teapot  Completed teapot

I had to make one in chocolate because of its "usefulness"
  Test for chocolate teapot I started by testing whether I could make a chocolate teapot using my existing plaster moulds.

The answer was no.  I tried making a lid with the plaster mould pictured and when I tried to open it, the lid broke in half and stuck like mad to the plaster.

  Mould for chocolate teapot I decided I needed a flexible mould so I used the College's vacuum tool to make one, using the original teapot placed inside the plaster mould.

(At that time I had painted the original teapot black so that it wouldn't reflect light while I was 3D scanning it.)
  Plastic mould for chocolate teapot

 Completed plastic moulds.
  Chocoate teapot  I bought some high-cocoa content dark chocolate, carefully melted it in the microwave (so that it didn't overheat and separate) and spread it around the moulds.

It looked a bit messy...
  Chocolate teapot ...but it looked stunning when I got it out of the mould
  Chocolate teapot It didn't stay stunning.

I had to touch it and my warm hands immediately started making marks.

Also, I had to join the 2 halves together, which involved quite a lot of "bodging" of the joint.

The result is pictured.

Afterwards, I discovered that I could have avoided some of the marking by working on it while it was plunged into a bowl of water containing lots of ice.

However, I couldn't have joined the 2 halves together doing this and the teapot was bound to get handled sooner or later as I took it into College and as it was assessed.

In any case, I like the "antique" patina.

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