I have an unusual combination of creative and engineering skills.  I worked as a chartered civil engineer for 10 years before making a big career change and becoming a journalist.  Later on, I co-founded a successful internet publishing company in the U.S..  We sold it in 2005 and I "retired" in 2007.

Since then I have been developing a career as an artist.  I graduated from Plymouth College of Art (PCA) with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Contemporary Craft in 2018.  I would classify myself as an inventor/designer/maker.  I don't specialise in a particular material and I want my work to "play to the gallery", as Grayson Perry puts it; I want to amuse and intrigue everyone, not just an art elite, but I also want to encourage people to think. 

I'm a member of Rhizome Artists' Collective.  Our activities include occasional exhibitions and community projects.
My work has been selected for various exhibitions.  "The Snake pit", my final degree project based on robots, was a "pick of the show" at the London Design Fair in 2018.  I've won a number of commissions, including designing the gates for Devonport Column, a Grade 1 monument in Plymouth, the decoration of a giant fibre-glass fish, also in Plymouth and "The Wall", a project for Tate Exchange, PCA's collaboration with Tate Modern.    In addition I've undertaken a number of community projects, including "Message in a Bottle", "Rainbow Fish", "Reindeer" and "Carnival Dragon".

 For more details please download my CV: Peter Heywood CV October 2019

Workshop of Peter Heywood, sculptor in glass, ceramics, wood, metal, everything!
My workshop in May 2014.  I was nearing completion of "Ring" (centre) and
just getting started on "Ghosts" (wax cylinders to the right of the ring)