Past Work

Teapotty: Felt (wool)

  Felt teapot  Completed teapot
  Felt teapot start An experienced felter, Lou Mills-Watts, guided me on this project.

The first step was to cut out a disc of damp-proof membrane about 1/3 bigger than the diameter of the teapot.

The next step was to felt it on both sides - Lou had a handy tool for doing this, rather than rubbing with your fingers.

The next step was to cut a slot in the side, remove the membrane disc and then tumble-dry it, to shrink it a bit.
  felt ball The next step was to stuff it with Kapok and then needle-felt it to close the hole in the top and shrink it to size.

I struggled to get it down to size so we tried some more rounds of wetting and tumble-drying.
  Needle felting teapot handle This is me needle-felting the teapot handle, on top of a block of foam.  Felting needles are villainous - they're barbed - so stabbing yourself is to be avoided.
  Felt teapot  Me with the completed teapot in Lou's kitchen.

The spout was made in a similar way to the handle - needle felting - but round and tapered, with concentric layers of different colours.

The "lid" was made by needle-felting around a circular object.  The bobble on the top was fixed with glue, eventually, because needle-felting turned out not to be strong enough.

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