Past Work

Teapotty: Lead

  Completed teapot made from lead  Completed teapot.  The handle and the lid are cast and the body is soldered lead sheet.
  Antony Gormley figure Part of my inspiration for using this material was the soldered lead sheet figures created by Antony Gormley.

  Moulds for hydraulic press I re-used the moulds I made to create a copper sheet teapot using the hydraulic press.

More details about these moulds on the page dealing with the copper teapot.
   2 halves of a teapot made from lead sheet I made each half from 3 parts - 2 quarters and half a spout.

I trimmed them so they fitted together inside each mould and while they were sill in that position I soldered them together.

Soldering was a lot easier than I expected - possibly because the College bought a powerful (200 Watt) top-of-the-range soldering iron (Weller) and I was given a lesson on using it by Glenn Carter, one of the College's lecturers.

Previously I'd tried welding together samples of lead sheet using a small torch - much trickier!
  Cast lead teapot handle The handle was too slender to make it out of soldered sheet so I cast it, using a plaster mould I'd made for a different teapot.  I had to break the mould to  extract the handle which needed a fair amount of scraping and filing to replicate the original handle.

I made the lid in a similar way, again casting it in a mould I had used for the wax teapots.  In this case, I managed to extract the lid without breaking the mould and I decided not to bother smoothing it. Forgot to take a photo!

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