teapot made from chocolate3D printed coral shapesstack of float glassteapot made from cubes of beechwood
teapot made from felt (wool)teapot made from lead teapot made from nailsTeapot made from  papier-mâché
teapot made from plywoodteapot made from tea leavesteapot made from waxteapot made from egg shells
Wooden sculpturePainting a giant sunfishFish made from drink cansCast glass sculpture
Ceramic column - 8 foot high column inspired by Trajan's Column and M.C. EsherDevonport Column GatesA study of facial expressionsGiant zip

Welcome to my website

  Stack of etched float glass  I'm trying to capture the flight path of sycamore keys

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  Blowing a big glass bubble I'm making a huge sycamore key, starting with some big bubbles

Click here for current progress
  Big bubble in glass My "block wave" project is on the back-burner

Click here for the story so far