Past Work

Cast Glass Trophy

 First phase of making a cast glass trophy, by Peter Heywood                  
 Wax in box - second phase in making a cast glass trophy
I started by making a box the shape of the eventual trophy, placing a clay runner in it and filling it with hot wax.
  This made a solid wax version of the trophy which I put in  another box that I filled with flint and plaster slurry.
 Flint and plaster mould ready for casting a glass trophy Cast glass trophy by Peter Heywood 
 When the flint and plaster had hardened, I steamed out the wax, let the mould dry, filled it with glass, put it in a kiln, heated things up to melt the glass and then cooled it slowly to anneal it.
 This is the end result after a lot of grinding, polishing and a fair amount of anguish when things didn't go right.  I bought special masks for the lettering, which was sand-blasted.

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